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zaterdag 3 maart 2018

Slow Clothing

Nanna Chel who writes at Going Grey and Slightly Green wrote a blog about slow clothing. I find this very interesting. This is the blog:

I found another article about this subject:

I love this idea. It isn't new though. During the crisis in the 1930's and during and after WW2 a lot of women re-used clothes and even used parachutes, that were left behind, to make clothing.
Maybe this idea has found fertile ground again in the crisis and is also applied by people who want to live sustainable. I hope we will see more of this.

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  1. Monique, my parents lived this way as they went through two world wars. It was just normal to mend clothing and use what you could as there wasn't the cheap clothing around then which is made by cheap overseas outlets by people being paid next to nothing. I was born just after WW2 and we only had what we needed and we survived quite nicely. It is nice to see some young people starting to take note of what they wear and trying not to create waste.

  2. You are so right, thank you ! My parents were brought up that way too. My grandmother made al the clothing herself. She was so good at it. If my mom saw something she really liked my grandmother drew the pattern and just made it.
    I mend a lot of clothing too. I am so glad I learned that. I'm a child of the 60's ;)

  3. That is a neat blog post. I enjoy reading what women did in past history! Andrea