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zaterdag 17 september 2016

Of dogs and throws

Hi everyone, 

Oh my, how time flies when you are having fun !
We have been quite busy outside the home as well as in the home.
Our pup has grown into a little lady already.
 She isn't fully grown yet, but the real puppy days are behind us now.

She can sleep in really funny poses.

Here she is with my husband. She wears the collar our sweet Miss Charlie wore at the end.
We kept the collar and last week, little Miss Leila broke through her puppy collar and her new collar was still too big, so we used Miss Charlie's collar.

She grows so fast. She is nearly 15 KG now and that means that she is half of her grown weight.

The back garden looks a bit like a war zone at the moment, but I will be working on that part of the garden again next year, when Leila has grown up ;)

I am still kntting and baking. At the moment there's some ankle socks on my knitting pins.
I had some yarn left over from two pairs of socks and now I can make another pair, so that is great use of yarn.

The bed throw is growing too, although I stopped working on it when the weather was so warm. I will pick it up again with cooler weather.

I hope you're all doing fine !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hooray! Puppy pictures! Oh she is gorgeous, so silky and adorable. I remember the 'war-zone' garden that comes with having a young will be better later :)

    Isn't Autumn great? You can now finish your blanket and keep cosy in the chillier evenings. The season seems to have changed overnight here, but I don't mind at all!
    Nice to read your post today ~

  2. Oh goodness ~ Leila isn't so little anymore. I'm sure she brings you so much joy! This year is going by so fast, I know blogging sometimes gets put on the back burner:)
    Great looking throw ~ I've been working on one forever, but I have to stop when my fingers cramp up.

  3. The throw is pretty! Nice doggie too ♥