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maandag 27 juni 2016

Of pups and baking

Hi everyone, 

this coming Saturday, we will only have to wait 2 more weeks before Leila will come to live with us.
We have been preparing. A bench has been bought, there are toys at hand, a little lawn has been made and now the waiting begins.
Here she is, 5 weeks old.

In the meantime I am keeping busy with knitting, housework, cooking and baking.
In the evening, just before I fall asleep, I read too.

Here is what is on the needles at this moment. It is a shrug. Just a little bit of sleeve to go and then I have to knit all around when the sleeves are put together.

Cookies have been made. I used a special press thingy, but had put the dough into the fridge in between baking and that didn't work with the press anymore. The dough has to be soft when I use it. A lesson I have learnt and I will not repeat that mistake a second time ;)

After the press thingy didn't work I made some larger cookies with the rest of the dough.
The cookies taste very good, so the dough isn't the problem.

I combined:

300 gram flower
100 gram fine sugar
200 gram real butter
vanilla sugar
1 egg

Combine it all together to a dough and the little cookies were baked at 180 degrees celsius and the larger 20 minutes on 180 degrees celsius.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day too.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Congrats on your new puppy....she looks large already. The mother has such shiny healthy fur! My daughter named her dog (which is black) Leila also! Andrea

    1. Hi Andrea, lovely to hear from you. Leila is such a sweet name. I can imagine why your daughter picked the name. Have a wonderful day.

  2. What a beautiful, sweet puppy! She is going to have the sweetest nature, I am sure!
    You must be looking forward to many cuddles...
    Can't wait to see her a bit more in future :)
    Those cookies (the pressed ones) look a bit like the
    Ones you get in tins around Christmas time. I bet they melt in the mouth!
    I could never knit a complicated pattern like that,
    Hopefully it is helping you pass this time of anticipation before D~Day! (Dog-day)

    1. Hi Alex, I am so looking forward to the puppy. I can hardly wait for her to arrive.
      Knitting is great and you learn while doing it. I learned how to make complicated patterns that same way too, just try ;)

  3. I love the puppy. My granddaughters are waiting for theirs to be old enough to bring home very soon. He is a lovely looking puppy and has some Jack Russell in him. I told them not to leave their shoes where he can chew on them :-)