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dinsdag 24 mei 2016

Calm after the storm

After being so very busy for months, the show with our pop choir is behind us. All went well. We got some great reviews en now it is calming down again.

Here we are singing Help by the Beatles.
It was so wonderful to make this show. We all support eachother, help eachother and also stimulate eachother. People who are afraid to sing a solo are stimulated and get feedback which they can use.
This is fantastic. It is such a fun group to be a part of.

Now all is calming down again, we have some more time for other things. Knitting is on the program again, gardening will be also. I missed that in the past weeks. Not being well because of too much thyroid medication kept me from doing extra things. Fortunately I felt a lot better during the performance of the choir. I was so afraid I had to miss it. The new dosage kicked in just in time ;)

There is some news too. If all goes well and things look positive, we will be having a new member of the family in July.
We have to wait and see if we connect, but here are some pictures:

This is mom with the little puppies, one day old.

mom feeding the pups.

A very proud mom.

We have 4th choise, so which will it be......

This is the father, isn't he gorgeous.

Such a sweet looking mom.

The owner of the mom will send me pictures regularly to let us see how the pups develope, this is so nice.  The dog had one litter before and the owner is still in contact with all the puppy owners.
They were born on May 14th 2016, so they are now 10 days old. I think the eyes will be opening soon.

I will keep you all posted. I will be going to the vet to ask all kinds of questions. We want to make a good decision and we want to know what lies ahead.

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Hello Monique, thanks for the update on everything. How fun and good luck with getting a new puppy! :)
    Julie xo

  2. What a great and supportive choir group, so glad that your special concert went really well. I'ts such fun to sing in a group and you all bond together.
    I'm very envious of your puppy plans!! Both the parent dogs look absolutely gorgeous. And those dear little ones...awww. Looking forward to the arrival!
    Best wishes for a happy summer, Monique.

    1. Thank you very much Alex !! We are so excited. Where are you hiding at the moment ? I can't seem to find you.

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  4. How wonderful! the puppies are just beautiful... such a shinny coat :0) mari

    1. Thank you very much Mari, we are so looking forward to it !!