Romancing the Ordinary

maandag 5 december 2016

Sokken update

De sokken zijn klaar !
Toevallig kwam ik gisteren ook hetzelfde patroontje tegen in een Libelle uit 1947.
Het is een makkelijk patroon en ziet er leuk uit. Zeker de moeite waard, om uit te proberen ;)

dinsdag 22 november 2016

Amish resources

Deze link vond ik online en dacht, dat er misschien mensen zijn, die het leuk vinden om dit te gaan bekijken.

zondag 13 november 2016

Lazy Sunday

Hi everyone,

All is well at our home. We have been quite busy.
Leila is growing like mad.

 She gets quite tired of the news these day ;)

Here she is with her friends on the couch.
It's just as if they're saying: You can find another spot to sit can't you ?

One of the socks is already finished. I really love the pattern.

I hope you're all having a great day.
Talk to you all soon !

zondag 6 november 2016

Het was stil hier

Het is al even geleden sinds mijn laatste stukje.
In de tussentijd heb ik helaas geen Amish boeken gelezen.
Ik kreeg een boek via mijn moeder en dat ga ik eerst uitlezen.
Daarna ga ik weer een Amish boek uitkiezen. Misschien iets met Kerst ?
Er zijn voldoende boeken met dat thema, maar die zijn niet allemaal verkrijgbaar in de bibliotheek.
Maar eens oriënteren dus.
Veel boeken zijn in het Engels en niet allemaal zijn ze vertaald. Voor mij geen probleem, maar niet iedereen leest Engels, dus ik ga mij beperken tot de boeken die in het Nederlands zijn vertaald.

Suzanne Woods Fisher heeft een aantal Amish Kerst boeken, maar voor zover ik kan zien, niet vertaald.

Patricia Davids heeft ook een aantal boeken geschreven over Kerst bruiden, maar ook niet vertaald.

Het gaat denk ik nog een moeilijke zoektocht worden. Als jullie tips hebben, dan hoor ik het graag.

maandag 24 oktober 2016

Sokken patroontje uit 1948

Even een bericht in het nederlands en een nieuwe sok op de naalden.
Het patroontje heb ik gevonden in een oude Maandblad voor Handwerken uit 1948.
Breiwol is van Lidl en deze sok wordt gebreid op naalden 2.5

Het patroontje:

toer 1 ; * 4 recht, 1 averecht, 2 recht, 1 averecht*

toer: 2 : * 4 recht, 1 averecht, 2 recht samenbreien, 1 averecht*

toer 3 : * 4 recht, 1 averecht, uit volgende steek 1 recht en 1 recht gedraaid breien, 1 averecht*

Dit is het effect. Het lijken net kleine kabeltjes.

Voor de sok zelf heb ik het basispatroon gebruikt uit het magazine Landleven.

Dit is een afbeelding van het originele patroon.

Baking day

Hi everyone, 

today I planned a baking day.
I made a chimichurri bread and Belgian syrup cookies.

I made the bread with 200 gram regular flower and 300 whole wheat flower.
There's all kinds of herbs in the bread and garlic.

These Belgian syrup cookies are made with brown sugar and dark syrup.

Look who doesn't want to move from the kitchen. It's little Miss Leila. She is nearly 6 months old en growing up very fast.
She has been teething and that has finished now.

It is getting colder, so there's more time to spend with the computer. I will keep you posted ;)


zaterdag 17 september 2016

Of dogs and throws

Hi everyone, 

Oh my, how time flies when you are having fun !
We have been quite busy outside the home as well as in the home.
Our pup has grown into a little lady already.
 She isn't fully grown yet, but the real puppy days are behind us now.

She can sleep in really funny poses.

Here she is with my husband. She wears the collar our sweet Miss Charlie wore at the end.
We kept the collar and last week, little Miss Leila broke through her puppy collar and her new collar was still too big, so we used Miss Charlie's collar.

She grows so fast. She is nearly 15 KG now and that means that she is half of her grown weight.

The back garden looks a bit like a war zone at the moment, but I will be working on that part of the garden again next year, when Leila has grown up ;)

I am still kntting and baking. At the moment there's some ankle socks on my knitting pins.
I had some yarn left over from two pairs of socks and now I can make another pair, so that is great use of yarn.

The bed throw is growing too, although I stopped working on it when the weather was so warm. I will pick it up again with cooler weather.

I hope you're all doing fine !

zaterdag 20 augustus 2016

I'm still here ;)

Hi everyone, 

wow, times does fly when your having fun.
It has been quite busy in our home.
I have been busy knitting, working on my bed throw, baking, reading and most of all taking care of my family and a certain new family member.

Cakes have been baked.
This is a fresh prune cake with caramel sauce.

This is our new family member Leila.
She is growing so fast. She is very sweet and naughty at the same time. She is nearly house broken. We have had several days now without accidents in the house, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.
She loves going to the beach and riding in her bicycle cart.
She has a few very big friends too.

She loves to give them a little kiss in the morning.

I hope you're all having a wonderful Summer too.

vrijdag 1 juli 2016

Puppy at the vet

Hi everyone,

I received these pictures this morning. Leila has been to the vet with her brothers and sisters.
She has had her first shot and just look at that face. She is clearly not amused.
She was very brave though and was licking the vet.
She is such a sweet little girl.
The vet told the breeder that the pups look very healthy.
That means Leila has been for a drive in the car again. She will get used to it. We will have a long drive home with her. We have to drive for  three and a half hours. We will be pausing a lot, which is better with a little pup.

Look at that little face. It's just as if she's thinking: what is this place ????

I hope you'll have a wonderful day.

maandag 27 juni 2016

Of pups and baking

Hi everyone, 

this coming Saturday, we will only have to wait 2 more weeks before Leila will come to live with us.
We have been preparing. A bench has been bought, there are toys at hand, a little lawn has been made and now the waiting begins.
Here she is, 5 weeks old.

In the meantime I am keeping busy with knitting, housework, cooking and baking.
In the evening, just before I fall asleep, I read too.

Here is what is on the needles at this moment. It is a shrug. Just a little bit of sleeve to go and then I have to knit all around when the sleeves are put together.

Cookies have been made. I used a special press thingy, but had put the dough into the fridge in between baking and that didn't work with the press anymore. The dough has to be soft when I use it. A lesson I have learnt and I will not repeat that mistake a second time ;)

After the press thingy didn't work I made some larger cookies with the rest of the dough.
The cookies taste very good, so the dough isn't the problem.

I combined:

300 gram flower
100 gram fine sugar
200 gram real butter
vanilla sugar
1 egg

Combine it all together to a dough and the little cookies were baked at 180 degrees celsius and the larger 20 minutes on 180 degrees celsius.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day too.

zondag 26 juni 2016

In de weer

Geen koekjes meer in de trommel ???
Gelukkig had ik spullen in huis. Vlug even een hoeveelheid koekjes gemaakt.
Met het restant deeg heb ik nog wat grotere koekjes gemaakt, besprenkeld met suiker en kaneel.

Deeg gemaakt van 300 gram bloem, 100 gram poedersuiker, 1 zakje vanillesuiker, 200 gram roomboter en 1 ei. Alles mengen en daarna bakken volgens de voorschriften van sprits. Ik heb de kleine koekjes 1 kwartier op 180 graden C gebakken en de grotere 20 minuten op 180 graden C.

In de potten komt van alles op. Deze pot heb ik geprobeerd in veiligheid te brengen. Hij stond op de grond, maar helaas wisten de slakken de pot te vinden en hebben ze een aantal basilicum zaailingen opgegeten. Zoals je ziet, zitten er nog maar een paar zaailingen in. Ik hoop dat ze het redden.

De volgende foto's zijn van de doperwten.
Ik had er 4 gezaaid, maar helaas zijn er maar drie opgekomen, waarvan er eentje niet echt doorgroeit, dus misschien niet echt een plantje wordt.
Het zijn allemaal zaadjes van de gratis moestuin potjes.

We hebben 2 weken geleden een mini grasveldje aangelegd, want over drie weken komt er weer een hond bij ons in huis. Onze pup is dan 9 weken en mag met ons mee.
Ze moet dan nog zindelijk worden en ze mag nog niet echt op de buiten uitgelaten worden, omdat ze nog niet volledig is ingeënt. Voorlopig dus even in de achtertuin en op gras, om daar alvast aan te wennen ;)

Een hele fijne dag allemaal.

woensdag 8 juni 2016

Busy preparing

Hi everyone,

just a quick post, to let you know I'm still in blogland ;)
We had our 29th wedding anniversary on May 27th and we went to the city of Breda. We had coffee and went to the movies. We bought this wonderful tablecloth in a nice little shop.

We had coffee in a wonderful bakery. This is what we got after telling the lady it was our wedding anniversary. She put a little light on my pie.

We have been busy preparing for the pup. I cleared some space in the garden, to make a little lawn. This is where our pup can practice before we will go out and about ;)

This is how it looks like now. I will have to water it every evening, now it is so dry.

I hope you are having a great day too.

dinsdag 24 mei 2016

Calm after the storm

After being so very busy for months, the show with our pop choir is behind us. All went well. We got some great reviews en now it is calming down again.

Here we are singing Help by the Beatles.
It was so wonderful to make this show. We all support eachother, help eachother and also stimulate eachother. People who are afraid to sing a solo are stimulated and get feedback which they can use.
This is fantastic. It is such a fun group to be a part of.

Now all is calming down again, we have some more time for other things. Knitting is on the program again, gardening will be also. I missed that in the past weeks. Not being well because of too much thyroid medication kept me from doing extra things. Fortunately I felt a lot better during the performance of the choir. I was so afraid I had to miss it. The new dosage kicked in just in time ;)

There is some news too. If all goes well and things look positive, we will be having a new member of the family in July.
We have to wait and see if we connect, but here are some pictures:

This is mom with the little puppies, one day old.

mom feeding the pups.

A very proud mom.

We have 4th choise, so which will it be......

This is the father, isn't he gorgeous.

Such a sweet looking mom.

The owner of the mom will send me pictures regularly to let us see how the pups develope, this is so nice.  The dog had one litter before and the owner is still in contact with all the puppy owners.
They were born on May 14th 2016, so they are now 10 days old. I think the eyes will be opening soon.

I will keep you all posted. I will be going to the vet to ask all kinds of questions. We want to make a good decision and we want to know what lies ahead.

Have a wonderful day.

zondag 14 februari 2016

Some homebaked sweetness

Sunday afternoon coffee just isn't nice without something to accompany it.
I had some eggs in the fridge and whipped up this applecake.
As you can see, we couldn't wait for it to cool, so we ate a piece straight out of the oven.
It is so delicious. I think it will be gone soon.

Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you so much for your sweet comments.

Valentine's Day 2016

A very Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

zondag 7 februari 2016

Spring flowers

Hi everyone,

it is not really weather to venture out, but I just went into the garden to take some pictures.

The very first daffodil in bloom. It is a tête à tête daffodil.

This snowdrop has been flowering for a while now.

The beautiful hellebore. This is just part of the plant.
It is very large at the moment.

The crocuses are almost opening up. I love this colour. It is a faint lilac.

I hope you have been enjoying some Spring flowers too.