Romancing the Ordinary

maandag 31 augustus 2015

I'm still here

Hi everyone, 

just dropping by to let you know that I'm still here. 
It has been busy and I have been doing a lot and haven't been in blogland a lot, but I hope to be blogging again. 
I had some health problems and I am working on that. My husband and I have been volunteering too, which I had to downsize a bit because of the health issues. My birthday came and went on August the 28th, the 51st edition and I was spoilt again with lovely plants and things for the shower and a new SSD card for my laptop, which reacts a lot faster now, thank you very much mom and dad and hubby !!

The plants in the garden are growing fast and The tomatoes are colouring. We've already eaten from the first harvest and it is wonderful.
We still get veggies from our neighbours  in exchange for computer aid. This is so great.

A week ago there was an offer on sock woll in the supermarket and I bought a few packages. I know what I can do when the weather gets colder ; )

I hope you are all doing OK. I will be visiting soon.
Have a great day.