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dinsdag 14 juli 2015

Hello again

Hi everyone, 

so sorry it has taken such a long time to post here. Such a lot has happened.
I have been busy taking care of the garden, doing volunteer work, housework and lots more.
I have been knitting socks. These are the latest pair I finished.
Now I'm working with cotton. I do hope it will stay good. I will have to wait and see.

These cookies may not look like much, but they are so good.
They should have been rounder and a bit thicker, but when they went into the oven, they started spreading. I don't know what went wrong, but they still taste delicious.

Yesterday I made jam. We got raspberries and red berries from neighbours. We bought some strawberries and mixed it all together. We don't have to buy jam for a long time ; )

I hope you are all doing well.
Have a great day.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. hello monique,
    die socken gefallen mir,muster und farbe passen gut zusammen.die kekse sehen lecker aus.sommer pur hast du in deiner marmelade eingefangen.
    wünsche dir eine wunderschöne woche,
    alles liebe regina

  2. Hi Monique - thanks for visiting me! I was pleased to hear from you:)
    Your home cooked jam looks really are
    Definitely a Bonne Mamman! I have never made jam, but I like eating it...
    I should think the cotton socks would be much cooler for
    Rainy summer days. Fun colour!
    Take care!

  3. Hello, Moncha.
    Purple color is one of my favorite. Looks so comfortable.
    Your cookies in the purple plate looks delicious! I do not mind if cookies are thick or not.(*^_^*)!

  4. It sounds like you have been very busy creating nice things!