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maandag 4 mei 2015

Total chaos

Hi everyone, 

today work in the livingroom has begun. My husband had already removed the wallpaper, but now the ceiling is being removed and it is a total chaos.
I am trying to stay occupied in the kitchen. I can't bake, because of the mess in the kitchen, things have been stored here and I am sitting at the table in the kitchen knitting and writing my blog.
My husband and a neighbour are walking in and out with rubble, which produces dust, so cleaning will have to wait too. Now and then I sweep a bit with the broom, to keep it up a bit.
Next week the mantlepiece is coming out.
Here are some before pictures: 

My husband, moving the furniture.

My refuge in the kitchen ; )

The ceiling removed.

I will post pictures of the progress.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow Monique Elisabeth good luck with all of your work being done. I am in the same situation here as I'm having the floors sanded and shined in the LR & DR! I can't wait for it to al be done. Hang in there.
    Julie xo

    1. Hi Julie, I hope all will be nice and clean at your place soon too ; )

  2. Good luck! It will be beautiful when finished. But I know how hard it is to sit through the mess and try to get your daily chores done. Not easy! Andrea

  3. hallo monique,
    bin schon gespannt wie es nach der renovierung aussieht.
    liebe grüße,

  4. Hello Monique Elisabeth, I hope that your remodeling is going well! It always feels so nice when all is finished!
    Sending warmth, and many blessings, Linnie