Romancing the Ordinary

woensdag 13 mei 2015

Work in progress

Hi everyone, 

thank you all so much for your wonderful comments !!
At the moment I haven't got much computer time. When everything is finished I will have more time to visit you all. I just wanted to give you all a little update.
Here are some pictures:

Insulation of the ceiling.

The mantlepiece is gone and the place where the smoke used to go has been painted with a special paint to stop the black colouring from coming through.

Men at work ; )

Another picture of the former mantlepiece.

The new ceiling.

The little holes have to be filled, sanded and painted over.

The former mantlepiece filled up.
It was a seventies mantlepiece and it was placed in the middle of the wall, so we couldn't place a seating area around it. Now we have a lot more space ; )

Have a great day everyone !!

maandag 4 mei 2015

Total chaos

Hi everyone, 

today work in the livingroom has begun. My husband had already removed the wallpaper, but now the ceiling is being removed and it is a total chaos.
I am trying to stay occupied in the kitchen. I can't bake, because of the mess in the kitchen, things have been stored here and I am sitting at the table in the kitchen knitting and writing my blog.
My husband and a neighbour are walking in and out with rubble, which produces dust, so cleaning will have to wait too. Now and then I sweep a bit with the broom, to keep it up a bit.
Next week the mantlepiece is coming out.
Here are some before pictures: 

My husband, moving the furniture.

My refuge in the kitchen ; )

The ceiling removed.

I will post pictures of the progress.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

zondag 3 mei 2015

Of knitting and gifts

First of all, thank you so very much for your sweet comments. I love gardening and it is so nice to read that more people get so much joy out of gardening, or watching gardens and plants.

Meanwhile, I've got this sock for my husband on the needles. It is coming along great.
The following are pictures of socks I have finished before this one.

A lovely aquintance came by with these macarons. They are French almond cookies with cream filling in different flavours.
We never had them before, but a few weeks ago we attended the wedding of our director of the pop choir and she had a French themed wedding. At the reception, the wedding cake was made out of macarons. That was the first time I tasted them and I love them.
The aquintance drove with us to and from the wedding and we wouldn't take anything from her for driving with us and today she dropped off these macarons, so sweet !!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend too.