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dinsdag 7 april 2015

Baking day

Today we had a meeting of the repair club and I had to bake. Usually I bake a day before the meeting, but because of a birthday visit, I had to bake this morning and thankfully I was done in time.

I made a butterpie and a cake and everryone enjoyed the baked goods.

Our cat Findus found a nice space to relax.
He loves the computer chair ; )

In the meantime I am still knitting socks.
I started on the second sock for my daughter and it is coming along nicely.

Have a great day everyone.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Hope you had a Happy Easter weekend!
    That butterpie looks delicious ~ I bet it smelled good!
    Looks very similar to a Breton galette au beurre..
    Your sock knitting is clever ~ I could never do that!

    1. Hi Alex, thank you.
      It looks a lot a lot like a galette, but there's more Sugar and butter in mine and less egg ; )

  2. I hope you had a blessed Easter! Your baking looks perfect and delicious! Andrea

    1. Thank you so much Andrea. I hope you had a wonderful Easter too.

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  4. hallo monique,
    deine kuchen sehen sehr lecker aus.die kuchenform gefällt mir.
    wünsche dir eine schöne woche,

  5. lovely blog and cute kitty :)

  6. Your cakes look so nice! I hope you had a nice Easter. Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Julie xo