Romancing the Ordinary

woensdag 29 april 2015

A picture post, Spring in the garden.

The apple tree in the back garden.

Apple blossom time.

The apple tree in the back garden, which has two different apples on it.

Wonderful French pelargonium.

A real Dutch, beautiful orange tulip ; )

In The Netherlands this plant is called Judas coins ; )

Pretty little columbines.

The bleeding heart is in bloom.

We replanted this little apple tree.
It didn't do much before, but when we replanted it in the front garden,
 this is what happened. It is filled with blossoms now.

dinsdag 7 april 2015

Baking day

Today we had a meeting of the repair club and I had to bake. Usually I bake a day before the meeting, but because of a birthday visit, I had to bake this morning and thankfully I was done in time.

I made a butterpie and a cake and everryone enjoyed the baked goods.

Our cat Findus found a nice space to relax.
He loves the computer chair ; )

In the meantime I am still knitting socks.
I started on the second sock for my daughter and it is coming along nicely.

Have a great day everyone.

vrijdag 3 april 2015

Happy Easter

Hi everyone, 

first of all, thank you so much for your wonderful comments. That meant so much to me.
Things have calmed down now and normal life has taken over again.
We have been quite busy with all the things we do. A lot of volunteer work and things concerning the choir we both sing in and another choir I sing in too.
I have been knitting again too. I had a lot of sock wool and now I'm working away my stash ; )
The pictures below are my finished socks. The first are mine and below are my husband's. Now I am knitting socks for our daughter.

I hope you're all doing ok.
Tomorrow I will have to sing a funeral service with the church choir. One of our long time members passed away this week and this was her last wish.
In the evening I have to sing at an Easter wake with a choir that consist of members of different choirs.

I wish you all a Happy Easter.