Romancing the Ordinary

zondag 8 maart 2015

A very difficult time

Dear friends, 

it has been a while since my last post and as you might have noticed, I have deleted a few posts.
We took in a little dog in November. We got her from a place that takes in dogs and brings dogs from Spain to The Netherlands. 
We found out our little dog wasn't healthy. We made such a lot of costs in only three and a half months time. We went from vet appointment to vet appointment.
We have to make do with a tight budget, so this was something we just couldn't keep up with. We had to make a very difficult decision. We took her back to her first owner. This is something you just don't want to do, we feel so very guilty.
The woman there told us, there was nothing wrong and Keiko only had a bacterial infection, well, she had a lot of those infections, which isn't normal for a healthy pup. The woman also said that she could see that Keiko didn't have Leishmania, a sickness a lot of dogs from Spain have and which is a silent murderer. The disease is very hard to notice, even by vets and this woman said that she could see that Keiko didn't have it with her naked eye. This woman wasn't very honest. This came out when we saw Keiko on the list to be sold for the same amount we bought her for, the very next day. She couldn't have been to the vet already.
These are people who want to make money over the backs of sick dogs. I was so mad and sad. 
We signed a paper, saying we gave her back and have nothing to do with the dog anymore after that, so we couldn't take action after seeing her on the list again.

Maybe you can imagine it has been a very sad time for all of us. We have had such a negative experience. Which had to be a very nice time seeing a pup grow up, became a time of stress, sickness and money worries. 
We won't be taking a dog in our home very soon anymore. We have had a lot of grieve in one years time. First the death of our sweet Charlie and after that having to say goodbye to Keiko.

We still have our three cats which is good. They comfort us a lot and that is great, because we need a lot of comforting at the moment.

Sorry for this sad tale, I hope to be writing more positive things soon.