Romancing the Ordinary

zondag 25 oktober 2015

Baking Saturday / Zaterdag bak dag

Hi everyone / Hallo allemaal,

Ik hoop dat het met iedereen goed gaat ?
Gisteren heb ik een bak dag gehad. Ik maakte een appel caramel cake. Klik voor het recept op de link.
Het recept komt van Carole. Haar blog heet From my Carolina home
Het is een heerlijke cake en we hebben er van genoten tijdens de middag koffie.

I hope you're all doing well ?
Yesterday I had a day filled with baking. I made an apple caramel cake. The recipe is from Carole @ From my Carolina home
Thank you so much it is so wonderful We just enjoyed a piece while drinking our afternoon coffee ; )

Voor het avond eten heb ik lasagna gemaakt. De hele familie houdt er van en had er al verschillende keren om gevraagd. Het was ook al weer een tijd geleden sinds ik het voor het laatst gemaakt heb.

For dinner I made lasagna. The whole family loves it and asked for it several times. It was a while ago since I last made it.

Mijn dochter en ik hebben ook cupcakes gemaakt om komend weekend van te genieten. Ik heb ze in de vriezer gedaan. We kunnen ze decoreren als ik ze er uitgehaald heb en ze ontdooit zijn komend weekend.


My daughter and I also made some cupcakes to enjoy next weekend. I put them in the freezer, so we can decorate them when I get them out and they have been defrosted.

Ik hoop dat jullie ook een fijn weekend hebben. / I hope you are having a wonderful weekend too.

zaterdag 10 oktober 2015


Hi everyone, 

Autumn has arrived and I love this time of year.
We had our little apple harvest.

I decorated the home. I got some lovely pumpkins from a friend
and used a lot of materials I already had saved for a few years now.

Without flashlight and with flashlight ; )

Some wonderful dahlia flowers from my garden.

Lunaria seedheads and poppy seedpods with silk roses.

More Autumn decorations.

Are you decorating for Autumn too ?

Have a wonderful day.

dinsdag 1 september 2015

Bak dag - Baking day

Vandaag is de maandelijkse bijeenkomst van de Reparatie Club, waar mijn man en ik vrijwilliger zijn. Ik maak dan altijd iets voor de mannen, dus dat betekende bak dag.
Ik ben de enige vrouw in de club en de mannen vinden het heel lekker om iets te snoepen ; )
Mijn dochter en ik hebben samen een Belgische knop met bruine suiker topping gemaakt en ik heb nog een Limburgse knapkoek gemaakt. Ik vond het recept op het blog van Annemiek. Zie link hieronder. Het recept lijkt een beetje op shortbread en boterkoek.


Today is the monthly gathering of the repair club and that meant baking day ; )
I always make something for the guys. I am the only female in the club.
My daughter and I made a Belgian cake with a brown sugar topping and I made a Limburgse knapkoek. It looks a bit like shortbread and it has a cinnamon sugar topping.
It comes from a southern part of The Netherlands. The province of Limburg.
I got the recipe from someone who lives there. She has her own blog in Dutch, but maybe you can take a look and hit the translate button:

Ik ben aan het enkelsokken breien geslagen. Mijn man wilde voor de zomer heel graag dit soort sokken. Ik heb sokkenwol gevonden met katoen en ik ben begonnen. Gewoon een korter stukje boven de hiel gebreid, maar 5 cm en daarna meteen aan de hiel begonnen.
Voor mijn dochter heb ik al een paar gebreid en voor mijn man heb ik een toer een ander kleurtje gebreid, om de sokken van dochter en man uit elkaar te kunnen houden.


I have been working on anklets. My husband really wanted some Summer anklets, so I found yarn with cotton in it and just made a shorter leg, just 5 cm and started with the heel. I have already finished some anklets for our daughter and these are for my husband. I knitted one row with a different colour, so they can see which socks are for my husband which are for my daughter ; )

Hier een foto van de tomaten. Deze heb ik een week of wat geleden genomen. Nu zitten er al rode tomaten aan de struik.


Here is a picture of the tomatoes. I took it a week or so ago.
In the meantime there are red tomatoes on it now.

Ik hoop dat alles goed gaat bij jullie ?
Een hele fijne dag.


I hope you're all doing well ?
Have a great day.

maandag 31 augustus 2015

I'm still here

Hi everyone, 

just dropping by to let you know that I'm still here. 
It has been busy and I have been doing a lot and haven't been in blogland a lot, but I hope to be blogging again. 
I had some health problems and I am working on that. My husband and I have been volunteering too, which I had to downsize a bit because of the health issues. My birthday came and went on August the 28th, the 51st edition and I was spoilt again with lovely plants and things for the shower and a new SSD card for my laptop, which reacts a lot faster now, thank you very much mom and dad and hubby !!

The plants in the garden are growing fast and The tomatoes are colouring. We've already eaten from the first harvest and it is wonderful.
We still get veggies from our neighbours  in exchange for computer aid. This is so great.

A week ago there was an offer on sock woll in the supermarket and I bought a few packages. I know what I can do when the weather gets colder ; )

I hope you are all doing OK. I will be visiting soon.
Have a great day.

dinsdag 14 juli 2015

Hello again

Hi everyone, 

so sorry it has taken such a long time to post here. Such a lot has happened.
I have been busy taking care of the garden, doing volunteer work, housework and lots more.
I have been knitting socks. These are the latest pair I finished.
Now I'm working with cotton. I do hope it will stay good. I will have to wait and see.

These cookies may not look like much, but they are so good.
They should have been rounder and a bit thicker, but when they went into the oven, they started spreading. I don't know what went wrong, but they still taste delicious.

Yesterday I made jam. We got raspberries and red berries from neighbours. We bought some strawberries and mixed it all together. We don't have to buy jam for a long time ; )

I hope you are all doing well.
Have a great day.

woensdag 13 mei 2015

Work in progress

Hi everyone, 

thank you all so much for your wonderful comments !!
At the moment I haven't got much computer time. When everything is finished I will have more time to visit you all. I just wanted to give you all a little update.
Here are some pictures:

Insulation of the ceiling.

The mantlepiece is gone and the place where the smoke used to go has been painted with a special paint to stop the black colouring from coming through.

Men at work ; )

Another picture of the former mantlepiece.

The new ceiling.

The little holes have to be filled, sanded and painted over.

The former mantlepiece filled up.
It was a seventies mantlepiece and it was placed in the middle of the wall, so we couldn't place a seating area around it. Now we have a lot more space ; )

Have a great day everyone !!

maandag 4 mei 2015

Total chaos

Hi everyone, 

today work in the livingroom has begun. My husband had already removed the wallpaper, but now the ceiling is being removed and it is a total chaos.
I am trying to stay occupied in the kitchen. I can't bake, because of the mess in the kitchen, things have been stored here and I am sitting at the table in the kitchen knitting and writing my blog.
My husband and a neighbour are walking in and out with rubble, which produces dust, so cleaning will have to wait too. Now and then I sweep a bit with the broom, to keep it up a bit.
Next week the mantlepiece is coming out.
Here are some before pictures: 

My husband, moving the furniture.

My refuge in the kitchen ; )

The ceiling removed.

I will post pictures of the progress.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

zondag 3 mei 2015

Of knitting and gifts

First of all, thank you so very much for your sweet comments. I love gardening and it is so nice to read that more people get so much joy out of gardening, or watching gardens and plants.

Meanwhile, I've got this sock for my husband on the needles. It is coming along great.
The following are pictures of socks I have finished before this one.

A lovely aquintance came by with these macarons. They are French almond cookies with cream filling in different flavours.
We never had them before, but a few weeks ago we attended the wedding of our director of the pop choir and she had a French themed wedding. At the reception, the wedding cake was made out of macarons. That was the first time I tasted them and I love them.
The aquintance drove with us to and from the wedding and we wouldn't take anything from her for driving with us and today she dropped off these macarons, so sweet !!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend too.

woensdag 29 april 2015

A picture post, Spring in the garden.

The apple tree in the back garden.

Apple blossom time.

The apple tree in the back garden, which has two different apples on it.

Wonderful French pelargonium.

A real Dutch, beautiful orange tulip ; )

In The Netherlands this plant is called Judas coins ; )

Pretty little columbines.

The bleeding heart is in bloom.

We replanted this little apple tree.
It didn't do much before, but when we replanted it in the front garden,
 this is what happened. It is filled with blossoms now.

dinsdag 7 april 2015

Baking day

Today we had a meeting of the repair club and I had to bake. Usually I bake a day before the meeting, but because of a birthday visit, I had to bake this morning and thankfully I was done in time.

I made a butterpie and a cake and everryone enjoyed the baked goods.

Our cat Findus found a nice space to relax.
He loves the computer chair ; )

In the meantime I am still knitting socks.
I started on the second sock for my daughter and it is coming along nicely.

Have a great day everyone.