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maandag 18 augustus 2014

The end of Summer is near

Hi everyone, 

chill is in the air and the smell has changed. The Summer is nearing its end.
I am looking forward to burning candles and wrapping myself in this throw I made last year.
It is so great to snuggle in. 

I am also looking forward to soups and mashed potatoe dishes with veggies.
Homebaked pancakes and all things you don't normally eat that much in Summer. Well we don't. Summer is mostly for lighter dishes and salads.

We don't have a lot of apples on the trees this year. We had a lot last year.
I am looking forward to homemade applesauce of our own apples.

I hope you're having a wonderful end of Summer too.

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  1. hallo monique,
    es sieht so aus ,als ob der sommer vorbei ist. hier ist es kühl und haus habe ich eine strickjacke an und abends habe ich gestrickte socken an den Füßen.An unserem Apfelbaum hängen sehr viele Äpfel...viele fallen herunter,habe schon einige Gläser Apfelgelee gekocht und immer noch warten viele Falläpfel darauf verarbeitet zu werden.Auch Brombeeren tragen diese Jahr reichlich und Zucchinis scheinen über Nacht zu wachsen.Ich freue mich auf einen schönen sonnigen Herbst!
    Liebe Grüße sendet dir von Herzen ,

    1. Thank you very much Regina. I am afraid my harvest will not be so good this year, well maybe next year ; ) I have cold feet in the evening too. I am nearly at the end of knitting my new cardigan. Only the sleeves and that isn't that much work. I have a big yarn stash, so I know what I can do this Autumn and Winter : )

  2. It is sure you will have a lot of apples next year. I like your sunflowers. How lucky that you had such vivid sunflowers and blue sky. I wanted take photos of sunflowers this summer. However it was too hot. I gave up!

    Finally I know you are Moncha! Right?

    1. Hi Tomoko, that is right, it's the Irish form of my name ; )

    2. Thank you Monique Elisabeth! What a sweet name you have!!
      Have a happy new week!

  3. Heerlijk als je je zo kunt verheugen op alles wat weer komen gaat!
    Stiekem hoop ik,nog wel op een Indian Summer.
    Bij ons in de buurttuin groeien de courgettes nog steeds en inmiddels zijn er al vele liters soep van gemaakt. Gegeten en ingevroren.
    Helaas is onze pompoen oogst niet zo rijkelijk als vorige zomer, ze hebben dit jaar helaas te nat gestaan. Komend jaar een beter plekje voor ze uitzoeken.
    Veel plezier met het verwerken van de appels.
    Groeten, Régine

    1. Het is een heerlijke tijd van het jaar !! Dankjewel voor je bezoek ; )

  4. I'm ready for Autumn too! The crisp air, cozy fires, warm colors of fall, and lots of stews and soups, it's a comfortable, warm time of year.
    Enjoy your week!,

  5. Dear Monique Elisabeth ♥ Thank you for visiting my Homespun Kitchen. I too, love the first signs of fall. Fall is my favorite season. I love the warmth and cosiness. ♥ Blessings

  6. Hi Monique. We are heading into the warmer weather here in Australia now that Spring is here. There are pros and cons with each season aren't there. Your blog is very pretty and we used to have the books you have in your sidebar in the school library where I used to work. Beverly Lewis is a very popular author. Good books!

  7. Hello Monique,
    I am ready for the end of summer/autumn time of year! It is my favorite! :-)
    The soup looks yummy and everything is cozy.
    Many Blessings, Linnie