Romancing the Ordinary

zaterdag 12 juli 2014

The name of the rose

Today there was a rose naming ceremony not far from where we live.
 It is a rose farm where they sell and grow roses in a natural way.
The new rose was linked with the liberation of our province.
That is why there were all kinds of army vehicles on the farm.
The rose was grown by a Canadian rose breeder.

There were lots of wonderful roses to be seen too, like this one:

A Polish veteran was one of the people who were present to name the rose.
He was a tank driver and part of a devision that liberated the east side of our province.

The beautiful rose that was going to be named "Liberator".

"Baptising the rose".

There was a drummer and a bagpipe player too. I just love bagpipes.
Just before the naming of the rose, he played Amazing Grace, goosebumps !!!
This is another tune he played:

I hope you're having a wonderful day too.

maandag 7 juli 2014


A bell pepper and gold berry.

A hardworking bee and my dahlia.

The lemonbalm.

The only little plum on my tree. I'm afraid there will be no harvest this year, because it is already starting to dry as you can see.

Some lovely apples on one of my apple trees.

Hanging baskets galore. Petunia's and million bells.

I'm knitting a cardigan. The colours you see are leftover yarns I got from my mom. Thank you very much mom ; )

A close-up of the lilac / purple colours. One of the colours has glitter in it, I love it !!

Have a wonderful day.