Romancing the Ordinary

zondag 8 juni 2014

Pentacost Sunday

This afternoon we went to an ostridge farm. They had an open day.
It is very nice to see these animals up close. They are very curious.

These are the surroundings of the farm.

 A not fully grown ostridge.

Ostridge young, so very cute.

A little view of the farm.

Inside you could buy all kinds of ostridge products, like meat, leather products, dust feathers, even liqor.

A lovely little border with old buckets.

The ostridges were outside too. They have plenty of space to walk around. They are quite big ;  )

I hope you're having a wonderful pentacost Sunday too.

donderdag 5 juni 2014

27 years and a new vest

Some days have already passed again, but on May 27th my husband and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. We married in 1987 and he was my first and only love.
We met at the dance school. He was a few classes higher than I was and the moment I saw him for the first time, I knew it had to be him. It took him 5 years to realize the same ; )
We were just friends for 5 years and then he suddenly saw the light. We got engaged and a year later we got married.
My mom and dad came for a visit on the 26th and brought this wonderful bouquet of flowers. I love the bleu and purple.
Thank you so much mom and dad>

Mom and dad are on a holiday and have just celebrated 59 years of marriage !!!
Congratulations mom and dad.


The wonderful bouquet we got from my mom and dad.

At the moment we are following this series on tv. I love it and so do my mom and daughter.
It is such a wonderful series, with lots of lovely homes, gardens and the occasional murder ; )

The project I have on the knitting needles is a vest.
My mom gave me a lot of left over yarn and together with my own left over yarn,
I am creating a vest in black and all kinds of purples and lilacs.

The beginning of the vest, the right side, in soft lilac and black. 
Little buttonholes included ; )

My basket with the leftover yarn I am going to use.

What's for dinner?

tonight we are having wraps with smoked chicken, salad and ketchup. It may sound like not much, but it is delicious.
It is our fast day, so nothing else. I had oatmeal this morning at 7.30 and the wraps will be eaten at 19.30 this evening. The rest of the day I will drink a lot.

I have lost 21 kg since July last year ; ) That is why I am knitting the vest. A lot of my clothes don't fit anymore.

I hope you will have a wonderful Pentacost weekend.