Romancing the Ordinary

maandag 19 mei 2014

A very sunny Monday

We are having Summer temperatures here in The Netherlands.
We are sitting outside and it is so lovely.
It is 27 C/ 81 F
So early in the year so very warm.
Tomorrow even warmer weather is predicted followed by thunder and rain.
I hope this won't be the last of the warmer temperatures.

Some pictures from the front garden.
Pansies and violas have selfseeded. I love all the different colours.

Even more different colours.

There's lots of different blue / purples.

This is a digitalis which selfseeded. 
The top flower is very different from the rest of the flowers and the colour is creamy. Look at all the wonderful little freckles in the bloom.
We are just not able to make something so beautiful ourselves ; )

Have a wonderful day.

maandag 12 mei 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Yesterday I had a wonderful day.
My husband made me a pancake brunch, which was delicious and I got this lovely present.

I love the colour combinations.

Little calibrachoa ( million bells)

A beautiful French geranium and there's bacopa in the basket too.

In the afternoon we had planned to go to my mother, my husband's mother has sadly past away some year ago, but unfortunately my mom wasn't feeling well, so we shall celebrate another day.
She is feeling a bit better today, I'm happy to say.
See you soon mom ; )

I hope that those of you who celebrated Mothers Day, had a wonderful day too.

donderdag 8 mei 2014

Goodbye sweet girl

With pain in our hearts we have said goodbye to our sweet dog Miss Charlie.
She was very old and couldn't walk good anymore. She was so tired. I could see it in her eyes.
It was such a hard decision, but the vet told us, that she hopes when the time comes for her dog, she will be able to make the same decision.
We just took a last walk in the rain, my husband, my daughter and I, as a kind of farewell to Charlie.
We are weeping and the sky weeps with us.

dinsdag 6 mei 2014

Springtime in the garden

Hi everyone, 

I have decided to only write in English. I think most Dutch readers read English too ; )

I took some pictures in the front garden.
Here are a lot of pansie seedlings in between the stones.

Campanula, saponaria and digitalis, at the back my large rose.

Digitalis up close and personal.

One of the filled rose flowers. They smell delicious.
 I believe it is the Cottage Rose by David Austin.

All the self seeded digitalis.

The Cottage Rose bush.

I hope you're having a wonderful time in the garden too.