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vrijdag 21 maart 2014

Two times in one day

This doesn't happen very often, two posts on one day.
We have been a bit busy today.

This used to be a pond, but everything died in it, so we decided to make a little terrace there.

We put reet against the fence, to have more privacy.
You could look through the fence, but not anymore now ; )

At the top of the fence there's wood with two little hooks,
 so I can put the washing line on it.

Here's two wonderful daffodils, double with beautiful colours.

A lovely coloured primula.

Have a wonderful day

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello, Monique, your garden will be a lovely little haven in the summer ~ private , too! Did you ever think of making a mini pond in a wooden tub?...or a bog garden? I have always
    wanted to, it seems easier that way: then you will get dragonflies!
    A x

  2. hi Alex,yes we are going tomake another pond,probably in a cement bucket, a large one. I just love dragonflies,toadsand frogs. I wouldn't want tomiss threm !!

  3. I think I would like the privacy too. Your garden will be so nice when you're finished with it. :-) Beautiful daffodils and primula.
    Enjoy your day!