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donderdag 13 maart 2014

Spring in the garden

Here in The Netherlands Spring has sprung and bulbs are popping up everywhere.

I bought some seeds:
 iceflowers, two types of sweetpeas, two types of zinnia's and nasturtiums.

A bridal crown daffodil.

Tête a tête daffodils.

Primula in two different colours.

My helleborus.
I love the colour and it is getting so big.

A little scented viola, which always blooms in early Spring.

I love this colour combination. 

Here is some more work. They have to be planted up.

I hope you are able to enjoy Spring where you live too.
Have a wonderful day.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The first gives such a lift to the soul! Even just the smell of the warm earth.
    What lovely colours...violas are my favourite.
    You are going to be busy!
    Looking forward to seeing how they grow : )

    1. Well, I still have to plant the violas and sow the seeds. I am having a Hashimoto episode at the moment. I have to get more meds, but have to wait until Monday to hear from the specialist unfortunately, so I'm far too tired now.