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vrijdag 21 maart 2014

A soft rainy day

Today a post with some pictures I took yesterday.

My husband got these beautiful roses on Wednesday evening. He was at an evening of First Aid and it turned out he had his 15 years membership anniversary. 

A close-up of one of the beautiful white roses.

This saintpaulia is in flower for the second time.
I had to be patient, because it was without flowers for a couple of weeks, 
but look at it now. It has even more flowers than the first time, when I bought it ; ) 

I started a new dishcloth. I have a large stash of cotton, so I can make 5 more of them after this one.
I love working with these cloths. They take up moisture very good and are easy to clean.

Here are two of the ones I've finished already.

It is great to work on, while watching TV.
You don't have to count, or think too much to make them ; )

It is raining today, but yesterday we had glorious weather.
This afternoon it will be dry again and we will be working on the fence.
We love to have a bit more privacy and we are going to put reet against the fence,
so ivy can grow there and make a beautiful green cover, which is easy to maintain.

Have a wonderful day

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  1. The roses are beautiful! I like making dish cloths too. They are quick, easy and great for cleanups. ♥